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US Forest Service, Olympic National Forest

US Forest Service, Olympic National Forest
295142 Highway 101 South
Quilcene, WA 98376
(360) 765-2200
TDD (360) 765-2200

Visitor's Center

Visitor's Center

The Olympic National Forest is part of an emerald paradise. The Forest is located on the Olympic Peninsula in the northwest corner of Washington State (the Evergreen State). The Olympic Peninsula is a unique geographic province consisting of five major landscape settings: temperate rain forest, rugged mountain terrain, large lowland lakes, cascading rivers, and saltwater beaches.

The Olympic Peninsula features over 2,132,300 acres of public Federal lands for visitors to enjoy. Of this area, over 633,600 acres are managed by the Olympic National Forest, which blankets the foothills of the Olympic Mountains and surrounds much of the Olympic National Park. In addition to the Federal land on the peninsula, there are recreation opportunities offered on state, county and private lands as well.

The US Forest Service is  entrusted with 193 million acres of forests and grasslands. They are are dedicated to restore and enhance landscapes, protect and enhance water resources, develop climate change resiliency and help create jobs that will sustain communities.


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