Posted by: nhcccquil | February 24, 2011

Indian George Creek Estuarine Restoration Site

Indian George Creek Estuarine Restoration Site

View to East Quilcene from Indian George Beach

Great for picnics and splashing in the bay! Very close to downtown Quilcene. Paved parking and a public toilet are available here at Indian George Creek Beach, but the real attractions are sandy shores and lovely views across the clear waters of Quilcene Bay over to wooded East Quilcene and the Toandos peninsula beyond. Bring a picnic and blanket or towel.

Take Linger Longer Road east from HWY 101 in Quilcene, and follow south for 1.25 miles to access the two Indian George Creek parking areas on the beach side of the road. VIEW A MAP.

Industrial use and erosion threatened to degrade this lovely shore so a restoration project now protects the environment and allows public access. The Quilcene Marina and shellfish nurseries are just farther down Linger Longer road, for more exploring.

Indian George Beach Facility


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