Posted by: nhcccquil | February 24, 2011

“Rocky Brook” Falls in Brinnon

“Rocky Brook” Falls in Brinnon

Rocky Brook Falls in Brinnon

This is a very easy level walk of about 200 yards that culminates in a spectacular 229′ tall waterfall! A small hydrologic project was installed at the falls in 1986 which supplies water for Brinnon.

Drive HWY 101 North of Brinnon (South of Quilcene) and turn left on the Dosewallips Road. Drive 3 miles west and the walk begins on the right after crossing Rocky Brook Bridge. Park carefully on the left on the far side of the road. Follow the walking trail past the hydro facility to the falls. The address of the hike start is 3000 Dosewallips Rd, Brinnon WA. VIEW A MAP.

Please note: The rocks at the base of the falls are mossy and can be exceptionally slippery if wet, so be very careful if you are an off-trail rock-hopper.


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