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Murhut Falls Trail in Brinnon

This magical Olympic National Forest trail in the Duckabush Recreation Area is just 1.4 miles in length, but it takes you into another world. It leads to a very high woodland waterfall that will captivate photographers and hikers with it’s beauty and thundering power. The 130-foot-tall waterfall spills over the top of the highest ledge, drops, then levels off in a plunge pool, and then hurtles down again to steam and settle down again in the valley below.

One section of the 130-foot tall Murhut Falls

One section of the 130-foot tall Murhut Falls

This is a great hike for a hot summer day with it’s cool canyon breezes, shade, and spray to cool you. The trail was once a logging road, which has recovered nicely from those days. In spring huge native rhododendrons and tiny umbrella ferns bloom along the shady trail.

The drive out to the trailhead is not too steep but the road may have many deep potholes. Go slow! No toilet or drinking water at the trailhead.

CAUTION: Trail is very narrow and has a steep plunge off one side down to the steep canyon below! Hold on to children’s hands here. Pets on leash only.

For more information and good directions, click on this official park info (PDF)

Also visit the Murhut Falls page on GORP website.

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