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4H Youth in Jefferson County

Over 100 years of service to youth! Jefferson County 4-H provides free activities, events, and clubs for youth ages K-12 throughout the county.

All 4-H youth development emphasizes three types of basic life skills: Competency, coping, and contributing. Areas of focus include animals, technology, home arts, alternative sports, challenge activities,leadership and much more.

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4H Youth in Jefferson County

4H animal care agriculture programs for kids and much more.

Whether youth participate in clubs, after school programs, day camps, or in other program settings, the 4-H mission and goals remain the same:

  • To help our children become involved in their community,
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Develop to their full potential

You Should Know:

  • 4-H is the largest out of school youth program in the U.S., with almost 7 million members and 500,000 teen and adult volunteers.
  • As a collaboratively supported youth program of Washington State University, WSU Extension, and local county government, 4-H receives county and university support for all its project areas and howtobcome.
  • Our local 4-H is the place where all Jefferson County youth in grades K-12 can join FREE and explore youth leadership, hands-on learning, and community service.

4-H Jefferson County includes:

  • 40 clubs
  • 900 Youth Served Annually (47% teens)
  • 110 Adult Volunteer Leaders
  • Two After School Programs
  • In-School Programs
  • Special Events
  • Summer Camps
  • WSU 4-H Gibbs Lake Challenge Course
  • University Support

Contact: Sue Hay
Interim 4-H Coordinator
360-379-5610 ext. 208
360-385-4614; cell: 360-774-1569


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